Back At The Call Center

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Another January Jam from Amsterdam!


1.    Soul Minority- A Soul Thing
2.    Shaboom- The Swirl
3.    Inland Knights- It’s On Tonight
4.    Uneaq- I Don’t Know
5.    Cheap As Chimps- Speaker Dirt
6.    Musical Globe- Funk Brothas
7.    Matt Shrewd- Grime Time
8.    Late Night Society- Simple Things
9.    Groove Federation- Find The Time
10.    Tommy Largo- Do Your Dance
11.    The Sound Republic- It Ain’t Hot
12.    Ken ECB- I Heart Bougie
13.    James Curd- You Know What To Do
14.    Inland Knights- Back Seat Driver
15.    Toka Project- Crazy Beats
16.    Blakkat- Job Satisfaction
17.    Toka Project- Move Along
18.    Vernon&Dacosta- Da Crazy Beat
19.    Kinky Movement- Back to My Roots

Posted on January 21st 2009 in Bumpy House Music, Deephouse

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