Into Deep Blue 5

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Into Deep Blue 5 was recorded in the November of 2005


01. 2nd Shift: An Evening in The Listening Room
02. Seafoam: Salvation
03. Cory Wells: Cold Beers
04. 2nd Shift: What Gets You By
05. E-Tones: Golden Doctor (JT mix)
06. Sean Dimitri: Every Player’s Dream
07. Jay Tripwire: Soupcan (Carlos Da Silva mix)
08. Iz & Diz: Love Vibe
09. Coffeshop Mike: Musik
10. Needs: Walking in Circles
11. Morgan Page: County Line (Lance Desardi mix)
12. Delano Smith: Sensuality
13. Greg Greene: 45 Miles
14. David Pando: This Time (Charles Webster mix)
15. Fred Everything: Natty’s Song

Posted on November 11th 2005 in Deephouse, Into Deep Blue Sessions

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