Smokin On The Job 2

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April 9 (06): Smoking once again behind the wheels of steel, enjoying the ride…


01. Iz&Diz- Magnificent
02. Joey Youngman-Like Butta
03. Kinky Movement-Get This Straight
04. Joey Youngman-Schizophunkia
05. John Hayley- Funky Business
06. Mario Fabriani- Come Together
07. Digital Minds- We Gotta Believe
08. Troydon- Close Your Eyes
09. Toka Project- Revolution
10. Sean Dimitrie- Dr. Doo Yoo
11. Mario Fabriani- Hit The Ground
12. Bryan Jones- Chicago Jack
13. Jason Hodges- Sample This
14. Idjut Boys- Schlam Me
15. Jason Hodges- Shake It
16. Global Communication- The Way
17. Hipp-E- Dazed&Confused
18. Shurikan- I Want You
19. Pob- The Essence

Posted on April 9th 2006 in Deephouse, Smokin' On The Job

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