California Chops

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California Chops was recorded on June 15, 2005. A dedication to the west coast vibe. Let’s keep that sun shining on!


01. Claycox- Keep On Dancin- Flat&Round
02. Dr. Honey-Love Bee- NLC
03. Low-Tonight-Buzzin Fly
04. Fred Everything ft. Dj Heather-That Thang-20:20
05. Joey Youngman-Turn Ons-Fetish
06. Charles Schillings&Pompon-It’s About Time-Pschent
07. Jake Childs-Plain As Day-Fetish
08. Market House vs Natural Rhythm-Treat You Sweet-Detour
09. Joey Youngman-Body and Soul-Fetish
10. Inland Knights-Wanna Dance-Drop
11. Dred Stock-Pump (Dress It)-Freeze
12. Prztz-Everybody-Classic
13. Moodyman-Shades Of Jae Pt.1-Mahogany
14. White Collar Criminals- No Hablo Espanol- Fetish
15. Lawnchair Generals-One Thing-Westbound
16. Swirl People-Hi Mom Let’s Dance-Sole
17. Home & Garden- Sexuality-Classic
18. Petshop Boys-Go West (K.Saunderson mix)-EMI
19. Cosy Creatures-Show U The Way-Guesthouse

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