Radio Talk

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To kick off the new year with some juicy beats…



1. Lisa Shaw- Let It Ride

2. At Jazz- For Real

3. Simply Complicated- Harmonized

4. Janis Joplin- Ball & Chain bootleg

5. Giano &Ezo- Thousand Souls

6. Pete Le Freq- Peer Pressure

7. J. Boogie- Go To Work

8. Jazz Mopper- Good Love

9. Kinky Movement- Take ATrip

10. Jordan Peak- Flip The Script

11. The Hue- The Brazil Bump

12. Olivers & Riggs- Boogie Bliss

13. Eman & Doc- Meaning Of Living

14. Oliver $- Doin' Ya Thang

15. Telonius & Prince Albert- Last Night

16. Second Crusade- What I Had To Do

17. Kloud 9- So Many Reasons

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Spring Fever

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  1. Riva Starr- I was Drunk
  2. Wattie Green- TTU Rag
  3. Rob Swinga- Uptown Hoedown
  4. Sonny Fodera- The Realness
  5. Corduroy Mavericks- What Good Is Music
  6. Soul De Marin- Cool It Down
  7. Tommy Largo- Gansta Shit
  8. Giano- Snickle Fritz
  9. JT Donaldson- Getting Up
  10. Cenzo Max Herbert- Records Drop
  11. Joshua- Flower Sparks
  12. Inland Knight & Da Sunlounge- Track A
  13. The Sound Republic- Insomnia
  14. Dimitri Max- Classic Shit
  15. Analogue People In A Digital World- Rose Rouge
  16. KBS- Babarabatiri
  17. James Curd- Be My Baby
  18. Kinky Movement- Clowning Around


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  1. Poncho Warwick- Jazzed Out Gypsy
  2. Wally Callerio- Citrus District
  3. Vernon & Dacosta- Body
  4. Nebraska- Off Ramp
  5. Bang Bang- Love Insurance
  6. Jason Hodges- How We Do
  7. Marcadina- Free As A Bird
  8. 1200 Wariors- Get Shawty
  9. Kojack- Soul Unit
  10. Digital Minds- We Gotta Believe
  11. Sun City Hustlers- Miami Vice
  12. Jacob London- Masturbation Session
  13. Sean Smith- Mirrors of My Mind
  14. Yello- Oh Yeah
  15. Atnarko- Don’t Ya Know
  16. Wattie Green- Bob Speaks
  17. Wally Callerio- Axe
  18. Wally Callerio- Fables
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Casa Fiesta ’09

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Casafiesta09 More than just a house party….


  1. Joshua Heath- Casa Fiesta
  2. Sonny Fodera- Southern Girl
  3. Sounddiggers- Lowdown in Blue
  4. Mr. Patron- Storm Riding
  5. Anhanguera- Disco Chica
  6. Le Tigre- Deceptacon
  7. Little Man Big- point of View
  8. Manuel Sahagun- What You Do
  9. Wes- Let’s Go Back
  10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
  11. JT Donaldson- Stil Jazz
  12. Mr. Nice Legs- In Your Pocket
  13. Roisin Murphy- Ruby Bleu
  14. Sonny Fodera- Winter Nights
  15. Wattie Green- Party People
  16. DJ Karizma- Precious
  17. Biboulakis- Reason Or Passion
  18. Javiz lopez- Oye Mi Ritmo
  19. Tommy Largo- Work Dat
  20. Organized Crime- Downtown Brown
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OctoParty Mix 1

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Nothing like a little Octopussy groovin’. A nice funky blend of bumpin’ and moanin’ sounds; very dancable! Recorded October 20, 2008…


01. So Called- These Are The Good Old Days
02. Roshan- Crate Diggin’
03. Toka Project- Move Along
04. Matt Shrewd- Walk Around
05. Pete DaFeet- Moscow
06. Joshua Reynolds- Drama
07. Jose James- Love
08. Savannah- Shakumuna
09. Josephn Malik- Silent Fools
10. Buck Naked VS Nook & Cranny- Good Foot Bad Foot
11. Marcus Aurelius- Trippin’
12. Scrubfish & Laurence- Disco Papacy
13. Terminator X- Why Do I Do?
14. Soydan- Running With The Beat
15. James Curd- Buffalo Girl
16. Sean Smith- Latin Love
17. Giano- Latino Special

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Goofy Tunes 1

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Goofy’s first appearance on Soundfabrics. Here’s his first mix for all you wacky house heads! Recorded September 25, 2008…


01. Trademarq- Broken Wagon
02. Iz&Diz- Mouth
03. Byron Foxx- Revenge of The Cantina
04. Rick Wade- Day Pimp
05. Big Hair- Tear You A Cean Arsehole
06. Marcus Aurelius- Hussy Fit
07. 1200 Beats- Superman That Ho
08. Gene Farris- Summer Affair
09. Tracy Cooper- Y’all
10. James Curd- Sweet Sammy
11. Armand Van Helden- The Funk Phenomena
12. Mike Dunn Presents Mr. 69- Freaky MF
13. Iz&Diz- Love Vibe
14. Green Velvet- Shake & Pop
15. RTHM- She’s Abscent
16. Heaven & Earth- Prescription Every Night
17. Nick Chacona- Pool Party
18. Joe Smooth- House Music

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b-ART mixes for DJ Domain

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Want to support this website and enjoy even more great music? Check out Bart’s mix on For just €7 you can download a brand new mix. Keep the vibe alive!!

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Make A Wish

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Make A Wish

Recorded Feb 14, 2008. No odes to Valentine’s Day or anything, just for those who need to make a special wish… Enjoy!


01. Crazy Penis- There’s A Better Place
02. Solar House- Power Of Sound
03. Anyo- Ditzy
04. Osunlade- My Reflection
05. DJ Rork & Demon Ritchie- Sosade
06. Mood II Swing- Passing Time
07. Brett Johnson- Jitter
08. Blake Baxter- Forbidden Fruit
09. Giom- People
10. James Curd- Fall Of The Wall
11. Ross Couch- The Sunday Matinee
12. Greenskeerpers- Finger Blasting
13. Tommy Largo- I Need Sum
14. Mona Lisa- Keep On Dancin’
15. Kerri Chandler- The Monk
16. Troydon- Waxed
17. Kinky Movement- Right Right
18. Koyla- Promised Land

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Santa Grooves Part 1

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Special winter mix to get you in the mood for the holidays! An ode to the old man on his slay…


01. Fred Everything- Come On Everybody
02. Bear Who- U Step
03. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke- Running
04. JT Donaldson- A Different Era
05. Kinky Movement- Illusions
06. Bear Who- Beat Box
07. Prince- Bootleg
08. Freaks- Boilng Point
09. The Mighty Bop- I Go Crazy
10. Atlantic Fusion- Sanctuary
11. The Sound Republic- Real Time Hand Motion
12. Speaker Junk- Scratch Up The Music
13. Samim- Heater
14. Abicah Soul- Keep Pushin’
15. Tard- Baby Cum Back
16. Lil Mark- Take One
17. Lawnchair Generals- One Thing
18. Brett Johnson & DJ Heather-Everything’s Electric
19. Ame- Mifune

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Vault Stalking Pt. 1

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September 6, 2007. Yes, finally a new mix from Mr. Swift. Took a while but this one’s extra longgggggg. Some nice new and old stuff from the shelves. Enjoy!


01. Ben West Beech-So Good
02. Presence- My Baby
03. Julius Papp- Le Deep
04. Femi Kuti- Do Your Best
05. Addvibe- Feel So Good 2 Nite
06. Neolectrique- Come One Over
07. The Rurals- Habits
08. Untitled Orchestra- It’s Never Forever
09. Francois K- Awakening
10. Wagon Cookin’- Leaving The Madness
11. John Beltran- Nostalgic
12. Blaze- Found Love
13. Baul Dimension- Baul Dimension
14. Busy- Sunrise Snaps
15. BRS- Treat Me So Bad
16. Mutiny- New Horizon
17. Second Crusade- What I Had To Do
18. Frequent Fliers- Selfish
19. Olav Brekke- Crockett & Me
20. Iz & Diz- Down 4 U
21. Joshua Heath- Elevator Jams
22. BRS- Barbados Stalker

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