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To kick off the new year with some juicy beats…



1. Lisa Shaw- Let It Ride

2. At Jazz- For Real

3. Simply Complicated- Harmonized

4. Janis Joplin- Ball & Chain bootleg

5. Giano &Ezo- Thousand Souls

6. Pete Le Freq- Peer Pressure

7. J. Boogie- Go To Work

8. Jazz Mopper- Good Love

9. Kinky Movement- Take ATrip

10. Jordan Peak- Flip The Script

11. The Hue- The Brazil Bump

12. Olivers & Riggs- Boogie Bliss

13. Eman & Doc- Meaning Of Living

14. Oliver $- Doin' Ya Thang

15. Telonius & Prince Albert- Last Night

16. Second Crusade- What I Had To Do

17. Kloud 9- So Many Reasons

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Novmix 8: Sports!

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Best deep house from Amsterdam

Finally a new mix from the maestro himself, been too long! Next mix will follow shortly…



1. Johnny Fiasco- Latin Test

2. Sean Patrick- Platform Pimping

3. JT Donaldson- For You

4. Freaks- Switchin Channels

5. Mario Dubbz- Brazil 82

6. Dimitri Max- Waffles

7. Wattie Green- Shut Your Mouth

8. Wattie Green- Play A Tune

9. 1200 Warriors- Da Jam

10. Manjane Jazzy- Ioma Funky

11. 420 Ceis- Hip Hop Magazine

12. 1200 Warriors- Wine House Remix

13. Freaky Behaviour- Table Magic

14. JT Donaldson- Is The Place

15. South of Roosevelt- Over Me

16. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Get Back Alleycat

17. Scrubfish- Improv Blu

18. Tom Special Interest- Where's My Bunny

19. Mirco Berti- You Don't Know

20. Johnick- G Spot

21. Brett Johnson- The Build

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Pigs In Space Mix

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  1. Will Wee- Feelings Back
  2. Gene Farris- Back Forth
  3. Will Jax- It’s A Jam
  4. Crazy Penis- Stop Space Return
  5. Wally Callerio- Memories
  6. Sounddiggers- Groove To It
  7. The House Inspectors-  Street Credit
  8. Wattie Green- Sea Lion Woman
  9. Freaky Behaviour- Funkamatic Shine Shooby
  10. Fabio Bachicchini- StuffnFunk
  11. Sonny Fodera- Never Knew
  12. DJ Sneak- Que Pasav
  13. Thanovessi- Mellow 4 U
  14. Unknown
  15. Wattie Green- This Way
  16. Belle Epoque- Miss Broadway
  17. Arturo Garces- Out All night
  18. Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera- Who Me
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Casa Fiesta ’09

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Casafiesta09 More than just a house party….


  1. Joshua Heath- Casa Fiesta
  2. Sonny Fodera- Southern Girl
  3. Sounddiggers- Lowdown in Blue
  4. Mr. Patron- Storm Riding
  5. Anhanguera- Disco Chica
  6. Le Tigre- Deceptacon
  7. Little Man Big- point of View
  8. Manuel Sahagun- What You Do
  9. Wes- Let’s Go Back
  10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
  11. JT Donaldson- Stil Jazz
  12. Mr. Nice Legs- In Your Pocket
  13. Roisin Murphy- Ruby Bleu
  14. Sonny Fodera- Winter Nights
  15. Wattie Green- Party People
  16. DJ Karizma- Precious
  17. Biboulakis- Reason Or Passion
  18. Javiz lopez- Oye Mi Ritmo
  19. Tommy Largo- Work Dat
  20. Organized Crime- Downtown Brown
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Indian Summer Slides 2

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IndianSummerSlides2Looking forward to another swinging late summer to arrive….


  1. Motor City Drum Ensemble- Raw Cuts 3
  2. Slope- Wantchoolonga
  3. Organized Crime- Spaced Funk
  4. Smoke Walker- Vibinon
  5. Fred Everything & JT Donaldson- The Dreamer
  6. Phil Weeks- Back In Effect
  7. James Curd- We Just Don’t Stop
  8. Joshua- Brain House
  9. Soul Minority- Ball of Confusion
  10. Brett Johnson- Mr. Smarty Pants
  11. Soydan- One More Time
  12. 100 Hz- The Field
  13. Smitty & Davenport- Cleanin’ House
  14. Hippie Household- Between Your Jazz
  15. 1200 Warriors- Breathe Control
  16. Wattie Green- Dark Eyes
Posted on September 3rd 2009 in bumpy house, Deephouse

Novmix 6: Major League Bull Shit

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Major League Bull Shit

The annual mix in November, but this time some serious BS!!


01. Groove Federation- Beer Goggles
02. Simon Vincenzi- Burn Me Up
03. Biboulakis- All You Can Eat
04. Groove Federation- Paper Hat
05. Brett Johnson- Gypsy Love
06. YSE- Bounce Back
07. Jason Hodges & Eddie Leader- This Is Bizznezz
08. Fat 211- So High
09. Troydon- Sway The Feel
10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
11. Happy Human- Blow Your Own
12. DJ Sneak- The Wermies
13. Lady Bug Mecca- Dogg Starr
14. Jackson Hole- Level Up
15. Lettow Nice-Free Your Mind
16. Sandwich Chris- Hot Refreshments

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