Indian Summer Slides 2

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IndianSummerSlides2Looking forward to another swinging late summer to arrive….


  1. Motor City Drum Ensemble- Raw Cuts 3
  2. Slope- Wantchoolonga
  3. Organized Crime- Spaced Funk
  4. Smoke Walker- Vibinon
  5. Fred Everything & JT Donaldson- The Dreamer
  6. Phil Weeks- Back In Effect
  7. James Curd- We Just Don’t Stop
  8. Joshua- Brain House
  9. Soul Minority- Ball of Confusion
  10. Brett Johnson- Mr. Smarty Pants
  11. Soydan- One More Time
  12. 100 Hz- The Field
  13. Smitty & Davenport- Cleanin’ House
  14. Hippie Household- Between Your Jazz
  15. 1200 Warriors- Breathe Control
  16. Wattie Green- Dark Eyes
Posted on September 3rd 2009 in bumpy house, Deephouse

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