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To kick off the new year with some juicy beats…



1. Lisa Shaw- Let It Ride

2. At Jazz- For Real

3. Simply Complicated- Harmonized

4. Janis Joplin- Ball & Chain bootleg

5. Giano &Ezo- Thousand Souls

6. Pete Le Freq- Peer Pressure

7. J. Boogie- Go To Work

8. Jazz Mopper- Good Love

9. Kinky Movement- Take ATrip

10. Jordan Peak- Flip The Script

11. The Hue- The Brazil Bump

12. Olivers & Riggs- Boogie Bliss

13. Eman & Doc- Meaning Of Living

14. Oliver $- Doin' Ya Thang

15. Telonius & Prince Albert- Last Night

16. Second Crusade- What I Had To Do

17. Kloud 9- So Many Reasons

Posted on February 20th 2012 in bumpy house, Deephouse, Other Delicious Mixes...

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