Casa Fiesta ’09

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Casafiesta09 More than just a house party….


  1. Joshua Heath- Casa Fiesta
  2. Sonny Fodera- Southern Girl
  3. Sounddiggers- Lowdown in Blue
  4. Mr. Patron- Storm Riding
  5. Anhanguera- Disco Chica
  6. Le Tigre- Deceptacon
  7. Little Man Big- point of View
  8. Manuel Sahagun- What You Do
  9. Wes- Let’s Go Back
  10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
  11. JT Donaldson- Stil Jazz
  12. Mr. Nice Legs- In Your Pocket
  13. Roisin Murphy- Ruby Bleu
  14. Sonny Fodera- Winter Nights
  15. Wattie Green- Party People
  16. DJ Karizma- Precious
  17. Biboulakis- Reason Or Passion
  18. Javiz lopez- Oye Mi Ritmo
  19. Tommy Largo- Work Dat
  20. Organized Crime- Downtown Brown
Posted on December 11th 2009 in bumpy house, Deephouse, funky house, Other Delicious Mixes...

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