Spring Fever 2

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Posted on June 3rd 2015 in Deephouse, funky house, jazzy house

Beat To Keep

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Posted on February 3rd 2014 in Deephouse, funky house, jazzy house

Novmix 10

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Wicked 10th Edition of the Novmixes!


1. Electric Empire- Always
2. NYC Peech Boys- Don’t Make Me Wait
3. Alton Miller- Give It Up
4. DJ Phyzix- Groove In This Place
5. Ryan Truman- Beautiful
6. Gene King- Dance Of Life
7. Blaze- Be Yourself
8. Maceo Plex- Love Somebody Else
9. The NG9 Project- Glamma Puss
10. On-Point- Nocturnification
11. Soulplate- 1000 Words
12. Muzart- The Great I Am
13. Manuel Sahagun- Cannon Ball Move
14. Ian Pooley- Kinderteller
15. Midnite Jackers- Chicks Be Trippin
16. Lucam- Pufarine
17. The Scrapped Ones- Encounter
18. Sessomato- Moody

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Indian Summer Slides 3

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Another Indian Summer mix, praying for some more sunshine….


1. Zaki Ibrahim & Kid Fonque- 2 Sides
2. Soulphiction- Deranged
3. Freaky Behaviour- Black and Blues
4. Gene Siewing- You’re Not A DJ
5. Nick Holder- TTC Toronto Track Company
6. Alan Sorrenti, Anane Vega- Figli Delle Stelle
7. Elements of Life- Children of the World
8. Bossruu- Ngawe
9. Spirit Chaser- Paradise Row
10. Golf Clap- On To You
11. Ross Couch- Somebody Like You
12. Thano Vessi- Love She Said
13. The House Inspectors- Mainframe
14. Joss Moog- Call Me Feat Around 7
15. Arturo Garces- Underground
16. Giom- Hot Rabbits
17. Siji- Ijo

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Summer Slides 2

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Summer has begun so let's have some fun! Get out and get off!!



1. Christian Alvarez- All Nations

2. PPP- Fever (JT Remix)

3. Jazz Mopper- Kamong 2

4. Kinky Movement- Next To You

5. Dave Allison- Need To Funk

6. Jill Scott- Shame (Sandy's MIx)

7. Kinky Movement- Detox

8. Terence Parker- Let Your Love Show

9. Underground Scoundrels- Respect

10. Giom &J oshua Heath- Mister Marvellous

11. Jeremy Joshua- Strings Are Tight

12. Jordan Peak- What Is House

13. Eric Sutter & Jeremy Poling- Party's Live Tonight

14. Johnny Fiasco- Do It Again

15. Noel Nanton- El Rey

16. Les Maçons De La Musique- No Time To Lose (Fiasco)

17. Julius Papp feat Lisa Shaw- Way Back

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Into Deep Blue Vol. 6

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1. Dub Tribe Sound System- Rideline
2. Soul Minority- Six Nine
3. D-Train- Keep On
4. At Jazz & Fred Everything- Back Together
5. Mirza Zadeh- Cloud Bustin’
6. Restless Soul- And I Know it
7. Vernon- Afternoon Tribute
8. Phil Weeks- All Day Every Day
9. Joe Silva- That Sound
10. B2 Da Bounce- Bushed
11. Polar Sets- Morning
12. Arco- First Time
13. Wattie Green- Love Break
14. The Mutha Funkaz- Galaxy
15. Evan Rhodes- Piece By Piece
16. Bobby Dabic- Despina

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Novmix 7: Island of Love

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1.     Men from Mars- Island Of Love

2.     Miles Maeda- Dancin To The Beat

3.     Tourist- What I Say

4.     Ramiro Lopez- Seishower

5.     The Littlemen- Breakin Down

6.     Freaky Behaviour- Talk To me

7.     D-T3ch- Mojito Movement

8.     Alex Augello- Human Beings

9.     Paz SmokinGroove- Vamos Ferrear

10.  Mark Farina- That’s How

11.  Jackson 5- Dancing Machine

12.  Freaky Behaviour- Pha-Real

13.  Galaxy Group-  Ease Back

14.  Funkshun- Please Don’t Stop

15.  ScrubFish- Testify

16.  Soul De Marin- Pom Pom Pedro

17.  Tommy Largo- Bake a Cake

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Pigs In Space Mix

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  1. Will Wee- Feelings Back
  2. Gene Farris- Back Forth
  3. Will Jax- It’s A Jam
  4. Crazy Penis- Stop Space Return
  5. Wally Callerio- Memories
  6. Sounddiggers- Groove To It
  7. The House Inspectors-  Street Credit
  8. Wattie Green- Sea Lion Woman
  9. Freaky Behaviour- Funkamatic Shine Shooby
  10. Fabio Bachicchini- StuffnFunk
  11. Sonny Fodera- Never Knew
  12. DJ Sneak- Que Pasav
  13. Thanovessi- Mellow 4 U
  14. Unknown
  15. Wattie Green- This Way
  16. Belle Epoque- Miss Broadway
  17. Arturo Garces- Out All night
  18. Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera- Who Me
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Spring Fever

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  1. Riva Starr- I was Drunk
  2. Wattie Green- TTU Rag
  3. Rob Swinga- Uptown Hoedown
  4. Sonny Fodera- The Realness
  5. Corduroy Mavericks- What Good Is Music
  6. Soul De Marin- Cool It Down
  7. Tommy Largo- Gansta Shit
  8. Giano- Snickle Fritz
  9. JT Donaldson- Getting Up
  10. Cenzo Max Herbert- Records Drop
  11. Joshua- Flower Sparks
  12. Inland Knight & Da Sunlounge- Track A
  13. The Sound Republic- Insomnia
  14. Dimitri Max- Classic Shit
  15. Analogue People In A Digital World- Rose Rouge
  16. KBS- Babarabatiri
  17. James Curd- Be My Baby
  18. Kinky Movement- Clowning Around

Casa Fiesta ’09

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Casafiesta09 More than just a house party….


  1. Joshua Heath- Casa Fiesta
  2. Sonny Fodera- Southern Girl
  3. Sounddiggers- Lowdown in Blue
  4. Mr. Patron- Storm Riding
  5. Anhanguera- Disco Chica
  6. Le Tigre- Deceptacon
  7. Little Man Big- point of View
  8. Manuel Sahagun- What You Do
  9. Wes- Let’s Go Back
  10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
  11. JT Donaldson- Stil Jazz
  12. Mr. Nice Legs- In Your Pocket
  13. Roisin Murphy- Ruby Bleu
  14. Sonny Fodera- Winter Nights
  15. Wattie Green- Party People
  16. DJ Karizma- Precious
  17. Biboulakis- Reason Or Passion
  18. Javiz lopez- Oye Mi Ritmo
  19. Tommy Largo- Work Dat
  20. Organized Crime- Downtown Brown
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