Summer Slides 2

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Summer has begun so let's have some fun! Get out and get off!!



1. Christian Alvarez- All Nations

2. PPP- Fever (JT Remix)

3. Jazz Mopper- Kamong 2

4. Kinky Movement- Next To You

5. Dave Allison- Need To Funk

6. Jill Scott- Shame (Sandy's MIx)

7. Kinky Movement- Detox

8. Terence Parker- Let Your Love Show

9. Underground Scoundrels- Respect

10. Giom &J oshua Heath- Mister Marvellous

11. Jeremy Joshua- Strings Are Tight

12. Jordan Peak- What Is House

13. Eric Sutter & Jeremy Poling- Party's Live Tonight

14. Johnny Fiasco- Do It Again

15. Noel Nanton- El Rey

16. Les Maçons De La Musique- No Time To Lose (Fiasco)

17. Julius Papp feat Lisa Shaw- Way Back

Posted on June 29th 2012 in Bumpy House Music, Deephouse, funky house, jazzy house

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