Spring Fever 2

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Posted on June 3rd 2015 in Deephouse, funky house, jazzy house

Beat To Keep

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Posted on February 3rd 2014 in Deephouse, funky house, jazzy house

Novmix 10

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Wicked 10th Edition of the Novmixes!


1. Electric Empire- Always
2. NYC Peech Boys- Don’t Make Me Wait
3. Alton Miller- Give It Up
4. DJ Phyzix- Groove In This Place
5. Ryan Truman- Beautiful
6. Gene King- Dance Of Life
7. Blaze- Be Yourself
8. Maceo Plex- Love Somebody Else
9. The NG9 Project- Glamma Puss
10. On-Point- Nocturnification
11. Soulplate- 1000 Words
12. Muzart- The Great I Am
13. Manuel Sahagun- Cannon Ball Move
14. Ian Pooley- Kinderteller
15. Midnite Jackers- Chicks Be Trippin
16. Lucam- Pufarine
17. The Scrapped Ones- Encounter
18. Sessomato- Moody

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Indian Summer Slides 3

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Another Indian Summer mix, praying for some more sunshine….


1. Zaki Ibrahim & Kid Fonque- 2 Sides
2. Soulphiction- Deranged
3. Freaky Behaviour- Black and Blues
4. Gene Siewing- You’re Not A DJ
5. Nick Holder- TTC Toronto Track Company
6. Alan Sorrenti, Anane Vega- Figli Delle Stelle
7. Elements of Life- Children of the World
8. Bossruu- Ngawe
9. Spirit Chaser- Paradise Row
10. Golf Clap- On To You
11. Ross Couch- Somebody Like You
12. Thano Vessi- Love She Said
13. The House Inspectors- Mainframe
14. Joss Moog- Call Me Feat Around 7
15. Arturo Garces- Underground
16. Giom- Hot Rabbits
17. Siji- Ijo

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A Dog Named Stay

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Pre Spring music, at no extra costs!



1. Flevans- The Notion

2. Tm Juke- Come Away

3. Dego- No Bother Talk It

4. Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks- Kenny!!!

5. Belleruche- It'll Come

6. The Detroit Experiment- Think Twice

7. Belleruche- Reflection

8. Uptown Funk Empire- Boogie

9. Rolling Stones- Miss You

10. Marc Fairfield- The Middle

11. Dego- Love & Hate You

12. Pitto- Richklap

13. Johnny Fiasco- Let's Call This

14. Alex Barck- Re-Set

15. Right To Life- Love Blind

16. Dbow- Get Involved

17. Roberto Rodriguez- Dance Like Nobody's Watching

18. Peven Everett- Black Boy

Posted on March 4th 2013 in Deephouse, jazzy house

Summer Slides 2

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Summer has begun so let's have some fun! Get out and get off!!



1. Christian Alvarez- All Nations

2. PPP- Fever (JT Remix)

3. Jazz Mopper- Kamong 2

4. Kinky Movement- Next To You

5. Dave Allison- Need To Funk

6. Jill Scott- Shame (Sandy's MIx)

7. Kinky Movement- Detox

8. Terence Parker- Let Your Love Show

9. Underground Scoundrels- Respect

10. Giom &J oshua Heath- Mister Marvellous

11. Jeremy Joshua- Strings Are Tight

12. Jordan Peak- What Is House

13. Eric Sutter & Jeremy Poling- Party's Live Tonight

14. Johnny Fiasco- Do It Again

15. Noel Nanton- El Rey

16. Les Maçons De La Musique- No Time To Lose (Fiasco)

17. Julius Papp feat Lisa Shaw- Way Back

Posted on June 29th 2012 in Bumpy House Music, Deephouse, funky house, jazzy house

Novmix 8: Sports!

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Best deep house from Amsterdam

Finally a new mix from the maestro himself, been too long! Next mix will follow shortly…



1. Johnny Fiasco- Latin Test

2. Sean Patrick- Platform Pimping

3. JT Donaldson- For You

4. Freaks- Switchin Channels

5. Mario Dubbz- Brazil 82

6. Dimitri Max- Waffles

7. Wattie Green- Shut Your Mouth

8. Wattie Green- Play A Tune

9. 1200 Warriors- Da Jam

10. Manjane Jazzy- Ioma Funky

11. 420 Ceis- Hip Hop Magazine

12. 1200 Warriors- Wine House Remix

13. Freaky Behaviour- Table Magic

14. JT Donaldson- Is The Place

15. South of Roosevelt- Over Me

16. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Get Back Alleycat

17. Scrubfish- Improv Blu

18. Tom Special Interest- Where's My Bunny

19. Mirco Berti- You Don't Know

20. Johnick- G Spot

21. Brett Johnson- The Build

Posted on November 18th 2011 in bumpy house, jazzy house, Novmixes

DJ Mix: Pizazz! 3

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DJ Mix: Pizazz! 3, straight from the vault!

DJ mixWe're still missing Pizazz! 2 in this series, but we'll find it one day. In the meantime #3 will not disappoint your deep and soulful needs! Another DJ mix bij the maestro himself, back in the year of 2000.


Posted on March 31st 2011 in Deephouse, jazzy house, Pizazz! mixes

DJ Mix Pizazz! 1

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DJ Mix: Pizazz! Part 1, first mix in 1999.

Best Deep House from AmsterdamAnother great DJ mix from the vault! Back in 1999 when Pizazz! was just beginning it's deep house nights in Amsterdam, drawing a good crowd of ±500 people to get into the groove. Deep and soulful house from NY, San Francisco and Chicago, as good as can be!! Enjoy!


Posted on March 31st 2011 in Deephouse, jazzy house, Pizazz! mixes

Into Deep Blue Vol. 6

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1. Dub Tribe Sound System- Rideline
2. Soul Minority- Six Nine
3. D-Train- Keep On
4. At Jazz & Fred Everything- Back Together
5. Mirza Zadeh- Cloud Bustin’
6. Restless Soul- And I Know it
7. Vernon- Afternoon Tribute
8. Phil Weeks- All Day Every Day
9. Joe Silva- That Sound
10. B2 Da Bounce- Bushed
11. Polar Sets- Morning
12. Arco- First Time
13. Wattie Green- Love Break
14. The Mutha Funkaz- Galaxy
15. Evan Rhodes- Piece By Piece
16. Bobby Dabic- Despina

Posted on December 22nd 2010 in Deephouse, funky house, Into Deep Blue Sessions, jazzy house