Novmix 10

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Wicked 10th Edition of the Novmixes!


1. Electric Empire- Always
2. NYC Peech Boys- Don’t Make Me Wait
3. Alton Miller- Give It Up
4. DJ Phyzix- Groove In This Place
5. Ryan Truman- Beautiful
6. Gene King- Dance Of Life
7. Blaze- Be Yourself
8. Maceo Plex- Love Somebody Else
9. The NG9 Project- Glamma Puss
10. On-Point- Nocturnification
11. Soulplate- 1000 Words
12. Muzart- The Great I Am
13. Manuel Sahagun- Cannon Ball Move
14. Ian Pooley- Kinderteller
15. Midnite Jackers- Chicks Be Trippin
16. Lucam- Pufarine
17. The Scrapped Ones- Encounter
18. Sessomato- Moody

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Novmix 9

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Autumn grooves for moody days…



1. At One- African Healing Dance

2. Inland Knights- This Belongs to You

3. Rob Wu- How You Do It

4. 6th Borough Project- Home Alone

5. Andrade- Bad Decision

6. Kruse & Nuernber- Love Can’t Break You Down

7. Miguel Migs- Tonight

8. Gorge- LA Angels

9. Recloose- Don’t Get Me Wrong

10. Lauer- Trainmann

11. Motorcitysoul- Playground

12. Jay West- Smile

13. Subb-an- What I Do

14. KiNK- Leko

15. Kyodai- Breaking

16. MVIP-Barrique

17. Erin Leah & N’Dinga Gaba- Rocker

18. Wally Callerio & JT Donaldson- Love Traps

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Novmix 8: Sports!

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Best deep house from Amsterdam

Finally a new mix from the maestro himself, been too long! Next mix will follow shortly…



1. Johnny Fiasco- Latin Test

2. Sean Patrick- Platform Pimping

3. JT Donaldson- For You

4. Freaks- Switchin Channels

5. Mario Dubbz- Brazil 82

6. Dimitri Max- Waffles

7. Wattie Green- Shut Your Mouth

8. Wattie Green- Play A Tune

9. 1200 Warriors- Da Jam

10. Manjane Jazzy- Ioma Funky

11. 420 Ceis- Hip Hop Magazine

12. 1200 Warriors- Wine House Remix

13. Freaky Behaviour- Table Magic

14. JT Donaldson- Is The Place

15. South of Roosevelt- Over Me

16. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Get Back Alleycat

17. Scrubfish- Improv Blu

18. Tom Special Interest- Where's My Bunny

19. Mirco Berti- You Don't Know

20. Johnick- G Spot

21. Brett Johnson- The Build

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Novmix 7: Island of Love

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1.     Men from Mars- Island Of Love

2.     Miles Maeda- Dancin To The Beat

3.     Tourist- What I Say

4.     Ramiro Lopez- Seishower

5.     The Littlemen- Breakin Down

6.     Freaky Behaviour- Talk To me

7.     D-T3ch- Mojito Movement

8.     Alex Augello- Human Beings

9.     Paz SmokinGroove- Vamos Ferrear

10.  Mark Farina- That’s How

11.  Jackson 5- Dancing Machine

12.  Freaky Behaviour- Pha-Real

13.  Galaxy Group-  Ease Back

14.  Funkshun- Please Don’t Stop

15.  ScrubFish- Testify

16.  Soul De Marin- Pom Pom Pedro

17.  Tommy Largo- Bake a Cake

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Novmix 6: Major League Bull Shit

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Major League Bull Shit

The annual mix in November, but this time some serious BS!!


01. Groove Federation- Beer Goggles
02. Simon Vincenzi- Burn Me Up
03. Biboulakis- All You Can Eat
04. Groove Federation- Paper Hat
05. Brett Johnson- Gypsy Love
06. YSE- Bounce Back
07. Jason Hodges & Eddie Leader- This Is Bizznezz
08. Fat 211- So High
09. Troydon- Sway The Feel
10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
11. Happy Human- Blow Your Own
12. DJ Sneak- The Wermies
13. Lady Bug Mecca- Dogg Starr
14. Jackson Hole- Level Up
15. Lettow Nice-Free Your Mind
16. Sandwich Chris- Hot Refreshments

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Novmix 5

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Novmix 5

Number 5 is ready for November! This brand new mix was has a nice drive, with some old and very new tracks; definitely more uptempo grooves ready to make you bounce. Feel free to drop a line to let me know what you think.


01. Soul Enforcers- Lonely
02. Total Eclipse- Come Together
03. Quality Control- We Doin It
04. Bob Sinclair- Ultimate Funk
05. Vernon & Dacosta –Super Jam
06. Groove Federation- The Beat Goes Boom
07. Jamshed- Women and Whiskey
08. Dajae-Time
09. Chuck Love- Beat Down
10. Gipsy- KINK mix
11. Greenskeepers- Days of The Week
12. DJ Bang- Emotional
13. Tiger Sprouts- Hillbilly Disk Jockey
14. Digital Villans- Busted Speaker
15. Mike Monday- What Day Is It?
16. Slator Hogan & John Larner- Hipshaka
17. Rithma- Love + Music
18. Happy Human- Blow Your Own
19. Joey Youngman- Brixton Bump
20. Unknown- Smmiches

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Novmix 4

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Hot new Novmix, part 4 already. Yes, Fall 2006 is here and winter time is on it’s way. Warm vibes to abide the cold…. peace


01. Olivier Desmet-Disco Dust
02. Da Sunlounge-Down With Love
03. P.Lauer-Bud Sweat
04. Da Sunlounge-Billy Boy
05. Gavin Boyce-Believe it
06. Olivier Desmet-Hot On Your Trail
07. Jay West-You Hurt My Feelings
08. Shrewd Collective-Smokin Room
09. Rhibosome-Get Ready
10. The Girth-Slick City
11. Mateo&Matos-The Voyage
12. Inland Knights-Backseat Driver
13. Manuel Sahagun-U Can Sample
14. Mastiksoul-Jazzin With Jeff
15. Kelvin K-Heat Wave Jack
16. The Girth-Swing It
17. Nick Chacona-Pool Party

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Novmix 3

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November 2005


01. David Harness&Charles Spencer: BreezysGroove
02. Chuck Love: Livin’ at Nite
03. Da Sunlounge: Baby How Long?
04. Wescott Devine: Like It Was
05. DJ Fluid: Loud N Clear (Swirl People Mix)
06. Swirl Peepz: Just a Dub Sucker
07. Demarkus Lewis: Tough Enough
08. Pete Dafeet: Head Trauma (Inland Knights Mix)
09. Brett Johnson: Follow The Bouncing Ball
10. Greekeepers: Man in The House
11. Magenta: She’s A Model
12. Natural Rhythm: Groove Thing feat. Royden
13. Mark Farina: To Do (D.C. Remix)
14. Natural Rhythm vs Jason Hodges: Nevicata
15. Stacey Kidd: From This Groove

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