The $5 Flat Rate Money Mix


5dollarflatratemixIn times of depression and need for extra credit, here a little gesture for all you empty pockets people! What a bargain!!



1.    Greenskeepers- Money
2.    Greenskeepers- Man In The House
3.    Point Five- Like That
4.    Discouraged Ones- Purple Kush
5.    South of Roosevelt- Rondo
6.    Border Patrol- Wonderful Guitar
7.    Greenskeepers- Polo Club
8.    Giano- King Louis
9.    Prztz- Madly Madly
10.    Giano- The Latin Connection
11.    Nate Laurence & Scrubfish- People Like We
12.    Gramophonedzie- Why Don’t You
13.    Tim Nobody- NYC Everything
14.    Nate Laurence & Scrubfish- Pocket Jazz
15.    The candy dealers- Stepping Out
16.    JT Donaldson- Infactuation
17.    Pete Jammingz- Old Chichi
18.    Inland Knights- Sound System

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Novmix 6: Major League Bull Shit

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Major League Bull Shit

The annual mix in November, but this time some serious BS!!


01. Groove Federation- Beer Goggles
02. Simon Vincenzi- Burn Me Up
03. Biboulakis- All You Can Eat
04. Groove Federation- Paper Hat
05. Brett Johnson- Gypsy Love
06. YSE- Bounce Back
07. Jason Hodges & Eddie Leader- This Is Bizznezz
08. Fat 211- So High
09. Troydon- Sway The Feel
10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
11. Happy Human- Blow Your Own
12. DJ Sneak- The Wermies
13. Lady Bug Mecca- Dogg Starr
14. Jackson Hole- Level Up
15. Lettow Nice-Free Your Mind
16. Sandwich Chris- Hot Refreshments

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