Vault Stalking Pt. 1

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September 6, 2007. Yes, finally a new mix from Mr. Swift. Took a while but this one’s extra longgggggg. Some nice new and old stuff from the shelves. Enjoy!


01. Ben West Beech-So Good
02. Presence- My Baby
03. Julius Papp- Le Deep
04. Femi Kuti- Do Your Best
05. Addvibe- Feel So Good 2 Nite
06. Neolectrique- Come One Over
07. The Rurals- Habits
08. Untitled Orchestra- It’s Never Forever
09. Francois K- Awakening
10. Wagon Cookin’- Leaving The Madness
11. John Beltran- Nostalgic
12. Blaze- Found Love
13. Baul Dimension- Baul Dimension
14. Busy- Sunrise Snaps
15. BRS- Treat Me So Bad
16. Mutiny- New Horizon
17. Second Crusade- What I Had To Do
18. Frequent Fliers- Selfish
19. Olav Brekke- Crockett & Me
20. Iz & Diz- Down 4 U
21. Joshua Heath- Elevator Jams
22. BRS- Barbados Stalker

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