OctoParty Mix 1

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Nothing like a little Octopussy groovin’. A nice funky blend of bumpin’ and moanin’ sounds; very dancable! Recorded October 20, 2008…


01. So Called- These Are The Good Old Days
02. Roshan- Crate Diggin’
03. Toka Project- Move Along
04. Matt Shrewd- Walk Around
05. Pete DaFeet- Moscow
06. Joshua Reynolds- Drama
07. Jose James- Love
08. Savannah- Shakumuna
09. Josephn Malik- Silent Fools
10. Buck Naked VS Nook & Cranny- Good Foot Bad Foot
11. Marcus Aurelius- Trippin’
12. Scrubfish & Laurence- Disco Papacy
13. Terminator X- Why Do I Do?
14. Soydan- Running With The Beat
15. James Curd- Buffalo Girl
16. Sean Smith- Latin Love
17. Giano- Latino Special

Posted on October 23rd 2008 in Other Delicious Mixes...

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