Santa Grooves Part 1

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Special winter mix to get you in the mood for the holidays! An ode to the old man on his slay…


01. Fred Everything- Come On Everybody
02. Bear Who- U Step
03. Alan Braxe & Fred Falke- Running
04. JT Donaldson- A Different Era
05. Kinky Movement- Illusions
06. Bear Who- Beat Box
07. Prince- Bootleg
08. Freaks- Boilng Point
09. The Mighty Bop- I Go Crazy
10. Atlantic Fusion- Sanctuary
11. The Sound Republic- Real Time Hand Motion
12. Speaker Junk- Scratch Up The Music
13. Samim- Heater
14. Abicah Soul- Keep Pushin’
15. Tard- Baby Cum Back
16. Lil Mark- Take One
17. Lawnchair Generals- One Thing
18. Brett Johnson & DJ Heather-Everything’s Electric
19. Ame- Mifune

Posted on December 6th 2007 in Deephouse, Other Delicious Mixes...

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