Jazzy Tunes 1

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Live and direct from the Nieuwmarkt Studios in Amsterdam. A first of series to come, STRICTLY JAZZY TUNES!! Recorded August 6th, 2008…


01. Uneaq- Watch Out
02. JT Donaldson- New era
03. Tommy Largo- I Need Sum
04. Slater Hogan & Chuck Daniels- Stay Tuned
05. Byron Foxx- Everybody Loves The Bongo
06. Terminator X- If I Don’t
07. DJ Bang- St. James
08. Soydan- Turn Off The Light
09. The Sound Republic- Get Loose
10. Sounddiggers- Jazz Shit
11. Jazzmopper J- Might As Well Dance
12. The Lemon Pesterer- Make It
13. Soydan- Draino
14. James Curd- Boys Of The Band
15. Uneaq- This Is Jazz
16. Miss Mee- Rubba Biskit
17. Tommy Largo- Pass It
18. The Sound Republic- Bumpin’ Enjoyment
19. Rhibosome- Impulse
20. Desperate House Guy- She’s Got Me

Posted on August 7th 2008 in Deephouse, jazzy house

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