Summer Slides 1

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July 11th 2006, wicked summer, getting ready for Ibiza!!


01. Vincenzo- What’s It All About?
02. The Sound Diggers- Dirtfloor Shuffle
03. Joey Youngman- Desperation
04. JT Donaldson- Space Cadillac Remix
05. Troydon & Youngman- Take Chances
06. WCC- Wanting You
07. Joshua Renolds- Drama
08. Mark Farina- Radio
09. Karu- What I’m Feeling
10. The Sound Diggers- Rack’em Up
11. Troydon- Listen Up
12. Going To a Show
13. Swirl Peepz- Excuse Me
14. Iz&Diz- Mouth
15. Style of Eye- Go Get Gone
16. The Sound Republic- Chop It Up
17. Jason Hodges- My Style
18. Herbal Essence- Chacaron
19. Mario Fabriani- Winter In Bahia

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