Casa Fiesta ’09

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Casafiesta09 More than just a house party….


  1. Joshua Heath- Casa Fiesta
  2. Sonny Fodera- Southern Girl
  3. Sounddiggers- Lowdown in Blue
  4. Mr. Patron- Storm Riding
  5. Anhanguera- Disco Chica
  6. Le Tigre- Deceptacon
  7. Little Man Big- point of View
  8. Manuel Sahagun- What You Do
  9. Wes- Let’s Go Back
  10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
  11. JT Donaldson- Stil Jazz
  12. Mr. Nice Legs- In Your Pocket
  13. Roisin Murphy- Ruby Bleu
  14. Sonny Fodera- Winter Nights
  15. Wattie Green- Party People
  16. DJ Karizma- Precious
  17. Biboulakis- Reason Or Passion
  18. Javiz lopez- Oye Mi Ritmo
  19. Tommy Largo- Work Dat
  20. Organized Crime- Downtown Brown
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Indian Summer Slides 2

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IndianSummerSlides2Looking forward to another swinging late summer to arrive….


  1. Motor City Drum Ensemble- Raw Cuts 3
  2. Slope- Wantchoolonga
  3. Organized Crime- Spaced Funk
  4. Smoke Walker- Vibinon
  5. Fred Everything & JT Donaldson- The Dreamer
  6. Phil Weeks- Back In Effect
  7. James Curd- We Just Don’t Stop
  8. Joshua- Brain House
  9. Soul Minority- Ball of Confusion
  10. Brett Johnson- Mr. Smarty Pants
  11. Soydan- One More Time
  12. 100 Hz- The Field
  13. Smitty & Davenport- Cleanin’ House
  14. Hippie Household- Between Your Jazz
  15. 1200 Warriors- Breathe Control
  16. Wattie Green- Dark Eyes
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The $5 Flat Rate Money Mix


5dollarflatratemixIn times of depression and need for extra credit, here a little gesture for all you empty pockets people! What a bargain!!



1.    Greenskeepers- Money
2.    Greenskeepers- Man In The House
3.    Point Five- Like That
4.    Discouraged Ones- Purple Kush
5.    South of Roosevelt- Rondo
6.    Border Patrol- Wonderful Guitar
7.    Greenskeepers- Polo Club
8.    Giano- King Louis
9.    Prztz- Madly Madly
10.    Giano- The Latin Connection
11.    Nate Laurence & Scrubfish- People Like We
12.    Gramophonedzie- Why Don’t You
13.    Tim Nobody- NYC Everything
14.    Nate Laurence & Scrubfish- Pocket Jazz
15.    The candy dealers- Stepping Out
16.    JT Donaldson- Infactuation
17.    Pete Jammingz- Old Chichi
18.    Inland Knights- Sound System

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April Sings 5

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aprilsings5A bit on the late side half way into May, but recorded in April and still worth posting I would say! What would spring be without a lovely vocal mix. Enjoy!


1.Ananda Project- Big Boat Relight
2.Ive Mendes- Natural High
3.Cymande- Brothers On The Slide
4.The Rurals- Strange Ways
5.Jarrier Modrow- Rare Soul
6.Funk Transplant- On Your Pussy
7.Buck Naked- Just Bidness
8.Soul Phiction- Touch From The Past
9.Giano- Sandman
10.Sumo- Santiago Boys
11.The Sunburstband- Twinkle
12.Dumo- So Precious
13.Vibe Travelers- Simple Life
14.The Rurals- Steps
15.Anthony Nicholson- Never Let You Go

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Back At The Call Center

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Another January Jam from Amsterdam!


1.    Soul Minority- A Soul Thing
2.    Shaboom- The Swirl
3.    Inland Knights- It’s On Tonight
4.    Uneaq- I Don’t Know
5.    Cheap As Chimps- Speaker Dirt
6.    Musical Globe- Funk Brothas
7.    Matt Shrewd- Grime Time
8.    Late Night Society- Simple Things
9.    Groove Federation- Find The Time
10.    Tommy Largo- Do Your Dance
11.    The Sound Republic- It Ain’t Hot
12.    Ken ECB- I Heart Bougie
13.    James Curd- You Know What To Do
14.    Inland Knights- Back Seat Driver
15.    Toka Project- Crazy Beats
16.    Blakkat- Job Satisfaction
17.    Toka Project- Move Along
18.    Vernon&Dacosta- Da Crazy Beat
19.    Kinky Movement- Back to My Roots

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jam09Kicking off the new year with a steady drive to get you in the mood for another bumpin’ good year!! January 2009


1.    Inner City- Good Life
2.    Uneaq- This Is Jazz
3.    DJ Sneak- Let’s Camel
4.    KB Swing- Some Like It Hot
5.    Swell Session- No No vs Mr. Scruff
6.    The Littlemen- Ghetto Girl
7.    Edmund- Walk To The Show
8.    Domspiral- Don’t Mean Nothin
9.    DJ Sneak- Sticky Shiet
10.    DJ Bang- The B.E.A.T.
11.    Dirty Sole- Back In The Day
12.    Derrick Carter- Square Dancin In A Rond House
13.    Blakkat- The Rite Places
14.    Andy- Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge vs. Bad Habits

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Novmix 6: Major League Bull Shit

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Major League Bull Shit

The annual mix in November, but this time some serious BS!!


01. Groove Federation- Beer Goggles
02. Simon Vincenzi- Burn Me Up
03. Biboulakis- All You Can Eat
04. Groove Federation- Paper Hat
05. Brett Johnson- Gypsy Love
06. YSE- Bounce Back
07. Jason Hodges & Eddie Leader- This Is Bizznezz
08. Fat 211- So High
09. Troydon- Sway The Feel
10. 1200 Warriors- Loose Control
11. Happy Human- Blow Your Own
12. DJ Sneak- The Wermies
13. Lady Bug Mecca- Dogg Starr
14. Jackson Hole- Level Up
15. Lettow Nice-Free Your Mind
16. Sandwich Chris- Hot Refreshments

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OctoParty Mix 1

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Nothing like a little Octopussy groovin’. A nice funky blend of bumpin’ and moanin’ sounds; very dancable! Recorded October 20, 2008…


01. So Called- These Are The Good Old Days
02. Roshan- Crate Diggin’
03. Toka Project- Move Along
04. Matt Shrewd- Walk Around
05. Pete DaFeet- Moscow
06. Joshua Reynolds- Drama
07. Jose James- Love
08. Savannah- Shakumuna
09. Josephn Malik- Silent Fools
10. Buck Naked VS Nook & Cranny- Good Foot Bad Foot
11. Marcus Aurelius- Trippin’
12. Scrubfish & Laurence- Disco Papacy
13. Terminator X- Why Do I Do?
14. Soydan- Running With The Beat
15. James Curd- Buffalo Girl
16. Sean Smith- Latin Love
17. Giano- Latino Special

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Goofy Tunes 1

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Goofy’s first appearance on Soundfabrics. Here’s his first mix for all you wacky house heads! Recorded September 25, 2008…


01. Trademarq- Broken Wagon
02. Iz&Diz- Mouth
03. Byron Foxx- Revenge of The Cantina
04. Rick Wade- Day Pimp
05. Big Hair- Tear You A Cean Arsehole
06. Marcus Aurelius- Hussy Fit
07. 1200 Beats- Superman That Ho
08. Gene Farris- Summer Affair
09. Tracy Cooper- Y’all
10. James Curd- Sweet Sammy
11. Armand Van Helden- The Funk Phenomena
12. Mike Dunn Presents Mr. 69- Freaky MF
13. Iz&Diz- Love Vibe
14. Green Velvet- Shake & Pop
15. RTHM- She’s Abscent
16. Heaven & Earth- Prescription Every Night
17. Nick Chacona- Pool Party
18. Joe Smooth- House Music

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Jazzy Tunes 1

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Live and direct from the Nieuwmarkt Studios in Amsterdam. A first of series to come, STRICTLY JAZZY TUNES!! Recorded August 6th, 2008…


01. Uneaq- Watch Out
02. JT Donaldson- New era
03. Tommy Largo- I Need Sum
04. Slater Hogan & Chuck Daniels- Stay Tuned
05. Byron Foxx- Everybody Loves The Bongo
06. Terminator X- If I Don’t
07. DJ Bang- St. James
08. Soydan- Turn Off The Light
09. The Sound Republic- Get Loose
10. Sounddiggers- Jazz Shit
11. Jazzmopper J- Might As Well Dance
12. The Lemon Pesterer- Make It
13. Soydan- Draino
14. James Curd- Boys Of The Band
15. Uneaq- This Is Jazz
16. Miss Mee- Rubba Biskit
17. Tommy Largo- Pass It
18. The Sound Republic- Bumpin’ Enjoyment
19. Rhibosome- Impulse
20. Desperate House Guy- She’s Got Me

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