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To kick off the new year with some juicy beats…



1. Lisa Shaw- Let It Ride

2. At Jazz- For Real

3. Simply Complicated- Harmonized

4. Janis Joplin- Ball & Chain bootleg

5. Giano &Ezo- Thousand Souls

6. Pete Le Freq- Peer Pressure

7. J. Boogie- Go To Work

8. Jazz Mopper- Good Love

9. Kinky Movement- Take ATrip

10. Jordan Peak- Flip The Script

11. The Hue- The Brazil Bump

12. Olivers & Riggs- Boogie Bliss

13. Eman & Doc- Meaning Of Living

14. Oliver $- Doin' Ya Thang

15. Telonius & Prince Albert- Last Night

16. Second Crusade- What I Had To Do

17. Kloud 9- So Many Reasons

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Novmix 8: Sports!

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Best deep house from Amsterdam

Finally a new mix from the maestro himself, been too long! Next mix will follow shortly…



1. Johnny Fiasco- Latin Test

2. Sean Patrick- Platform Pimping

3. JT Donaldson- For You

4. Freaks- Switchin Channels

5. Mario Dubbz- Brazil 82

6. Dimitri Max- Waffles

7. Wattie Green- Shut Your Mouth

8. Wattie Green- Play A Tune

9. 1200 Warriors- Da Jam

10. Manjane Jazzy- Ioma Funky

11. 420 Ceis- Hip Hop Magazine

12. 1200 Warriors- Wine House Remix

13. Freaky Behaviour- Table Magic

14. JT Donaldson- Is The Place

15. South of Roosevelt- Over Me

16. Jeff Dougler & Balu- Get Back Alleycat

17. Scrubfish- Improv Blu

18. Tom Special Interest- Where's My Bunny

19. Mirco Berti- You Don't Know

20. Johnick- G Spot

21. Brett Johnson- The Build

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DJ Mix: Pizazz! 4

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DJ Mix: Pizazz! Part 4

THe best DJ mix and deephouse mixes by b-ARTThe last of the DJ mix Pizazz! series for as far as we can remember, maybe we'll find more in our dusty crates, stay tuned!


Posted on March 31st 2011 in Deephouse

DJ Mix: Pizazz! 3

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DJ Mix: Pizazz! 3, straight from the vault!

DJ mixWe're still missing Pizazz! 2 in this series, but we'll find it one day. In the meantime #3 will not disappoint your deep and soulful needs! Another DJ mix bij the maestro himself, back in the year of 2000.


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DJ Mix Pizazz! 1

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DJ Mix: Pizazz! Part 1, first mix in 1999.

Best Deep House from AmsterdamAnother great DJ mix from the vault! Back in 1999 when Pizazz! was just beginning it's deep house nights in Amsterdam, drawing a good crowd of ±500 people to get into the groove. Deep and soulful house from NY, San Francisco and Chicago, as good as can be!! Enjoy!


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Into Deep Blue Vol. 6

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1. Dub Tribe Sound System- Rideline
2. Soul Minority- Six Nine
3. D-Train- Keep On
4. At Jazz & Fred Everything- Back Together
5. Mirza Zadeh- Cloud Bustin’
6. Restless Soul- And I Know it
7. Vernon- Afternoon Tribute
8. Phil Weeks- All Day Every Day
9. Joe Silva- That Sound
10. B2 Da Bounce- Bushed
11. Polar Sets- Morning
12. Arco- First Time
13. Wattie Green- Love Break
14. The Mutha Funkaz- Galaxy
15. Evan Rhodes- Piece By Piece
16. Bobby Dabic- Despina

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Novmix 7: Island of Love

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1.     Men from Mars- Island Of Love

2.     Miles Maeda- Dancin To The Beat

3.     Tourist- What I Say

4.     Ramiro Lopez- Seishower

5.     The Littlemen- Breakin Down

6.     Freaky Behaviour- Talk To me

7.     D-T3ch- Mojito Movement

8.     Alex Augello- Human Beings

9.     Paz SmokinGroove- Vamos Ferrear

10.  Mark Farina- That’s How

11.  Jackson 5- Dancing Machine

12.  Freaky Behaviour- Pha-Real

13.  Galaxy Group-  Ease Back

14.  Funkshun- Please Don’t Stop

15.  ScrubFish- Testify

16.  Soul De Marin- Pom Pom Pedro

17.  Tommy Largo- Bake a Cake

Posted on November 12th 2010 in Bumpy House Music, funky house, Novmixes

Pigs In Space Mix

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  1. Will Wee- Feelings Back
  2. Gene Farris- Back Forth
  3. Will Jax- It’s A Jam
  4. Crazy Penis- Stop Space Return
  5. Wally Callerio- Memories
  6. Sounddiggers- Groove To It
  7. The House Inspectors-  Street Credit
  8. Wattie Green- Sea Lion Woman
  9. Freaky Behaviour- Funkamatic Shine Shooby
  10. Fabio Bachicchini- StuffnFunk
  11. Sonny Fodera- Never Knew
  12. DJ Sneak- Que Pasav
  13. Thanovessi- Mellow 4 U
  14. Unknown
  15. Wattie Green- This Way
  16. Belle Epoque- Miss Broadway
  17. Arturo Garces- Out All night
  18. Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera- Who Me
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Spring Fever

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  1. Riva Starr- I was Drunk
  2. Wattie Green- TTU Rag
  3. Rob Swinga- Uptown Hoedown
  4. Sonny Fodera- The Realness
  5. Corduroy Mavericks- What Good Is Music
  6. Soul De Marin- Cool It Down
  7. Tommy Largo- Gansta Shit
  8. Giano- Snickle Fritz
  9. JT Donaldson- Getting Up
  10. Cenzo Max Herbert- Records Drop
  11. Joshua- Flower Sparks
  12. Inland Knight & Da Sunlounge- Track A
  13. The Sound Republic- Insomnia
  14. Dimitri Max- Classic Shit
  15. Analogue People In A Digital World- Rose Rouge
  16. KBS- Babarabatiri
  17. James Curd- Be My Baby
  18. Kinky Movement- Clowning Around


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  1. Poncho Warwick- Jazzed Out Gypsy
  2. Wally Callerio- Citrus District
  3. Vernon & Dacosta- Body
  4. Nebraska- Off Ramp
  5. Bang Bang- Love Insurance
  6. Jason Hodges- How We Do
  7. Marcadina- Free As A Bird
  8. 1200 Wariors- Get Shawty
  9. Kojack- Soul Unit
  10. Digital Minds- We Gotta Believe
  11. Sun City Hustlers- Miami Vice
  12. Jacob London- Masturbation Session
  13. Sean Smith- Mirrors of My Mind
  14. Yello- Oh Yeah
  15. Atnarko- Don’t Ya Know
  16. Wattie Green- Bob Speaks
  17. Wally Callerio- Axe
  18. Wally Callerio- Fables
Posted on February 8th 2010 in Other Delicious Mixes...